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Old World
Reactive To Growing Client Demands

Lead With Product

Commodity Plan Designs

Differentiate Through Service

Growth Varies With Commissions

The Next Generation
Proactively Shape Client's HR Strategy

Lead With Consulting Services

Innovative Engagement Strategies

Differentiate Through Analytics

Growth Controlled Through Fees

How Does It Work?

Powerful Analytics Engine

One platform to measure, analyze, and identify
opportunities for improvement in your client's
benefits strategy. Define current plan structure
and rates, and load your client's census
to quickly transform data into
actionable information.
Dynamic Content

Design comprehensive consulting materials in
our extensive template library, then combine materials
with your own content to build truly unique
proposals and deliverables. Rules driven
logic dynamically changes presentation
text and charts on-demand, while styling it to YOUR brand.
Compliance Testing

Help your clients rest easy with sophisticated
compliance management tools.
Industry-leading library of always up-to-date
compliance checks are built-in for every client you analyze
in Code SixFour.
Cost and Benefits Benchmarking Data

Generate granular benchmarking data cuts
on plan designs, premium contributions, and overall costs.
Available for up to 63 different cuts,
by SIC code and total number of employees.
Health Risk Predictive Modeling

Relying on extensive clinical research,
identify employee behaviors driving excess cost risk in employer's
health plans. Translate insights to best-practice
health management strategies, right within the system.
Super-charge Discovery & Content Marketing

Streamline discovery questions and client data collection
with our comprehensive work flow. Draw from a library
of pre-built proposals, webinars, and sales handouts
to accelerate your content marketing initiatives.


Benefits Booklets

After analyzing data in Code SixFour, generate
an unlimited number of benefit booklets with
the click of a button. Customize with supplemental products,
custom pages, eligibility criteria, and page text instantly.
Employee Surveys

Design surveys from our library of 150+ pre-built
questions. Personalize and distribute employee invitations electronically,
then deliver results in custom-branded, ready-to-present content.
Benchmark employee responses to national database,
and set goals for multi-year improvement with your client.

Always Know What's Going On

Assign client deliverables to co-workers,
and easily see the history of consulting services generated
for a client. You'll never waste time getting
up-to-speed on the situation.

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